Meet Laura


Hi there! I am here to share my marathon called “LIFE” with you in hopes that it will help you on your marathon of life. I love to write what is on my heart. is my way to share my heart with you.  I used to write a lot about running— but it turns out I have a lot more to say. So feel free to browse around and please comment and share any questions you might have! I love questions of faith, motherhood, family, life, running, social media, skincare, travel, minimalism, books, and music. And please introduce yourself! I love making new friends!name is Laura and I am married to my high school sweetheart, who is still my sweetheart, Austin. We have four wonderful kids that make life amazing, and crazy, and fun!!!

I live for peaceful early mornings to connect with myself and my Father in Heaven. In the daytime I can hardly sit down— there’s always a lot to do and I feel a deep urgency to do everything all the time! My husband often has to save me from myself—- help me slow down, and just be. :) Reading, exploring, and singing with my kids and husband is heaven to me. We love to perform for groups, our favorite being children in the hospital and the elderly.

I have struggled for a lot of years trying to make others happy and be what they wanted me to be. I finally realized that all I need to do is look up. God knows me. He knows who I need to become, and He will help me become that if I just trust Him and His Son Jesus Christ. That is all I need to know. I don’t need to look around, I don’t need to be a certain way, look a certain way, have certain things, or hold a certain title— I DO need to constantly seek His guidance and continue on the path that He has set for Me. My path looks different than your path. Both are equally beautiful and frightening, exhilarating and exhausting, and the outcome is worth every leap of faith and sacrifice He asks us to make now. Though we are on different paths, we still need each other.

So let’s cheer each other on for exactly who we are. I want you to be you, and I am going to be me, and together, I believe we have the ability to shine some serious light into the world!