My Song


“I am stronger than before. I believe that this experience has made me a more able vessel to lift others from where I stand. If you are in the middle of your struggle, whatever it may be… please know that you are NEVER beyond the reach of Christ. He suffered and died for you and me. […]

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Free Sheet Music Download— “He Is The Christ”


FREE SHEET MUSIC “HE IS THE CHRIST” Written by: Laura C. Cope          Arranged by: Shane Mickelson Laura_cope_He_is_the_christ_Sept_27 – Score Laura_cope_He_is_the_christ_Sept_27 – Piano Laura_cope_He_is_the_christ_Sept_27 – Violin I Laura_cope_He_is_the_christ_Sept_27 – Violin II Laura_cope_He_is_the_christ_Sept_27 – Viola Laura_cope_He_is_the_christ_Sept_27 – Cello We are the Copes! Thank you for listening to and loving our song! When we got […]

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This Space…


I’ve been praying about this space for a long time. I don’t really feel like I have figured out it’s full potential yet. So I am just kind of rolling with it and posting when I feel impressed.  So just bare with me! I am a slow learner. I feel slow of speech (fo’ reals! ). […]

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Feeling Broken


I started the hashtag #SheRunsOnFaith a couple years ago determined to share the importance and power of relying on faith in everyday life, especially when it comes to trials. I wanted to share my recent trial of faith with you. I believe in sharing weaknesses— not from a “Woe is me!” standpoint, but rather, a […]

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