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 I have always had a passion for health and wellness and that is what I studied in college. Wellbeing is so important and applies to everyone!  It seems to me that the world has become very extreme with fitness ideals, nutrition, money, parenting, almost everything! These things are all good and important but if you only focus on one or two and allow them to run your life, then what?

 Obsession with one or two things while nearly neglecting other important parts of life (such as home, family and spirituality) is not healthy. It will cause you to become unbalanced, making it impossible to achieve your ultimate goal of true joy and wellbeing.  If you only focus on one square inch of a massive work of art… you are missing out on the big picture and the beauty that such a sight beholds.

For example, an unbalanced life can be related to body building. The ultimate goal as a bodybuilder is to build as much muscle mass as possible on a continuing basis by focusing on all muscles equally.  In doing this, you reach the ultimate goal of ‘body symmetry’.  Meaning, a symmetrically pleasing physique. So, if I go to the gym every day and work on my biceps while neglecting the other muscles– we all know what happens.  Will I have big biceps? Yes. Will I be more prone to injury? Yes. I will be out of balance and I will not achieve my ultimate goal– body symmetry.

To me, it is all about moderation.  In the scriptures, we are taught often to be ‘temperate’ which by definition means to be moderate and self-restrained.  That is what being well balanced is!  Our ultimate goal?  For most people it seems that they want a healthy, joyful and fulfilling life. A happy life, is not the same as a joyful life.  You see, happiness is fleeting.  Happiness will come and go and will not fill your soul– your whole being.  Joy, however, is all encompassing.  It includes your body AND spirit.  To have joy, means to live a lifestyle where you are constantly seeking balance by nourishing your mind, body, AND spirit with what God (who I believe is our Father in heaven) has given us— We are agents of ourselves.  Don’t make excuses.  You ultimately control your time.  So what will you do to become more balanced? What are you neglecting? Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional?

“Your soul consists of your body and your spirit. Feeding the spirit while neglecting the body (which is a temple of your spirit) usually leads to spiritual dissonance and lowered self esteem.”

-Jorg Klebingat (more on this HERE)

I promise that you will find peace in yourself and the greatest joy to behold as you seek to nourish your body and spirit together.

So here is a Marathon Momma Challenge

Marathon Momma Challenge

For YOU!

I invite you to look at your life and evaluate where you might be out of balance and fix it.  Maybe it’s phone use, work that is keeping you away from your family, an obsession with exercise, food, or keeping up with the Jones’. Maybe you eat out for every meal, or fill every minute of time with music, phone, tv, video games and you aren’t taking enough time to fill up your spiritual cup. For myself, I have spent a lot more time lately on my phone and laptop consumed by all the fun that this blog has been!  I am loving all of your positive feedback, comments, texts, and shoutouts on instagram.  Keep them coming!  I have set some “work” hours aside now so that I am not neglecting the most important things– such as mothering and time together as a family. So if I don’t get back to you right away, that is why. :)

Identify where you are out of balance, set a goal, and follow through!  I am excited to hear about it!  Leave  a note in the comments about your plan, goals, success.  If you need some help or want to keep things more private, please email me at

There are some exciting changes coming to so stay tuned!


Always trying to keep Him our number #1 priority


The kids and I hiking in Zion National Park… I love these little people!


Me and my man. I’m one lucky gal.


This is me trying to run as fast as lightning!

XOXO Laura

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