Family and Adaptibility

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My little family of five has been traveling for months now. Here’s why…

In effort to stay together as a family, my kids and I have taken to the road with my husband who is involved in some very rigorous training.  Here’s the kicker…. for 5 entire months!  Every month we go to a new city.  We have had quite the adventure!  Having three kids, 6 and under, trying to home school the oldest, being in a new city that we are not familiar with, training for a marathon and hoping to Boston Qualify (BQ) AND not having the comforts and luxuries of home (more on this in an upcoming post!) has been more than a little difficult.

I could go on and on about the lessons I have learned from all of this, suffice it to say… I have learned many! I would not change our circumstances despite the challenges we have faced.  This has been an incredible bonding time for my little family  without the distractions of home.  Putting my family and their care and comfort first is absolutely my number one priority which is why we are doing all of this.  We all want to be together, instead of being split up for five months and missing our daddy.  And when there’s a will there is a way!  I will forever be grateful for this time in our lives!

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*A special thanks to our family who has been so helpful and supportive of us through all of this!

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