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I recently had the opportunity to team up with my friends at The Small Seed and share a little tidbit about scripture study at our house. The article itself if full of many great ideas from real families that just might be able to help you in your day to day discipleship. It always helps me and motivates me to see real life examples and ideas, including the trial and errors of others— I learned some things that I can incorporate into my family because we need all the help we can get! Amiright?  Heaven knows, it’s not always easy, but gosh it is sure IMPORTANT!!!

Read what I shared below, and head to The Small Seed for more:

‘My husband and I always wanted to make family scripture study a priority. In our minds, it was going to be this picture perfect scene. All of our little “ducklings” sitting in a row, with scriptures on their laps and following along sweetly– asking penetrating questions, and soaking in every powerful word. Well, it didn’t take me too long to realize that the picture perfect scenario we thought our life would be is, well, nearly IMPOSSIBLE! I am happy to say that in the eight years of having kids, we have kept scripture reading a priority, but what that looks like is wildly different any given day. Some days I can almost see that “perfect scene” my husband and I dreamed of before becoming parents… but MOST often– 95% of the time, we have four wild indians! I have to keep the scripture Hebrews 11:1 in my heart, “Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN.” As parents, we are “hoping” that our kids are getting some golden nuggets from our scripture reading every day. Most days, the evidence of our scripture reading can seem “unseen”. In those sweet moments that I DO see it– oh what JOY! Despite the great effort that it often takes and the chaos that can ensue when trying to read God’s words… we keep doing it, and have been immensely blessed. So wipe that “perfect” scripture study scenario from your mind and consider how to make it fun. I have found great power in switching it up, and often.  Sometimes we all have our own book and follow along, sometimes one of us has a book and we take turns, sometimes we read and act out what we are reading, or even draw the scene. There are so many wonderful videos, accessible at the touch of a button, that depict the scripture stories beautifully. My kids love to read the story and then watch the video clip to solidify what we read. Scripture study can be drudgery for little bodies that just want to be moving and having fun all of the time, so be creative. If you’re excited about it, your kids will get excited about it to the point where it has becomes their favorite time of the day. The blessings that have come to our family by regular scripture study are real and undeniable. So just keep going.”
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